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Visionary, Community-Creator, Solutions-Architect & Entrepreneur


Aloha! I am Dmitri Sunshine and my mission in life is co-creating holistic communities designed to empower people to live as their highest version, mentally, physically and spiritually, while in harmony with nature.


My vision is co-creation of a network of village scale exceptional-communities which are nature sanctuaries where people live with a strong sense of purpose and thrive mentally, physically and spiritually. Where our Elders and Youth have a chance to be connected again, so they feel valued and respected.

“Blue-Zone-Bubbles” where healthspan is more important than lifespan, and dying consciously is greatest achievement. Communities where there is a strong sense of belonging, like a big family; while also honoring the contributions of individuals.

Communities in pristine powerful places, encompassing immense swaths of land where the majority is protected as a nature sanctuary we steward. With self-governing

Youth-Villages where the Youth are provided an opportunity to learn through real-world experimentation, with Elders available for guidance.

The starting point to such an audacious mission is creating a network of small co-living communities of social entrepreneurs and leaders, which are the economic and legal engines capable of creating impact on a grand scale.

My Philosophy


  • Radical-Responsibility
    • The key to growth and successful both personally and professionally.
  • Trust
    • Everything happens for a reason and in divine timing.
  • Authenticity & Vulnerability
    • Keeping it real and continuing to be open even if it causes pain.
  • Boldness
    • To go against the status-quo and innovate from first-principles.
  • Life-Long-Learning
    • Keeping a beginner’s mind, knowing that their is always more to learn.

My Story


In many ways my story is pretty typical of tech entrepreneurs; I taught myself to code in High-School, and dropped out of college when I realized that I would never work for anyone else but myself, so the degree would be worthless and I could learn so much more in the real world. Then thoroughly enjoying disrupting an archaic and entrenched industry (Adoption Management Software).

By 29, I had done all the things that society prescribes; get married, buy a house and have a kid (although not in that order). But in a twist of fate, suddenly I found myself going through a painful divorce and what felt like a mid-life crises crashing down upon me.

I literally lost my mind, a lot of friends and my wealth. I barely survived through that “dark night of the soul” but it showed me that there is so much more to living; it illuminated my purpose and set me on my path.

So, ever since I’ve been on the mission to create holistic intentional-communities that are sanctuaries for the mind, body and spirt. With culture that empowers each of us to live life fully.

My Beliefs

  • every person has immense amounts of potential lying dormant
  • purpose trumps willpower
  • we are in dire need of a revolution in our society, which is decaying
  • our education systems are painfully outdated
  • our youth and elders need each other
  • without rights of passage, we have adolescent-minds pretending to be adults
  • we are communal creatures by nature
  • the solution to many of the issues we face can only be addressed by coming together in tight-knit communities

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